Unveiled: The Polaroid Originals Lab


Polaroid Originals has introduced The Polaroid Originals Lab, a sleek-looking desktop “photo lab” that converts your smartphone photographs into square-format Polaroid prints. Making prints from your smartphone is as easy as selecting the photo you want to print on your phone, placing your phone face down on top of the device, pressing the red button, and your print popping out from the base of the unit.

The Polaroid Originals Lab
The Polaroid Originals Lab

The Polaroid Originals Lab, which contains a sophisticated optical system, uses I-Type Polaroid film. The Polaroid Originals Lab can output traditional prints, or if you wish, it can segment the image and output the image in sections that can be pieced together into a larger mosaic of the original photograph. Polaroid is also introducing a number of accessories to go along with the Polaroid Originals Lab, designed to further enhance your creativity.

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