Use your Canon EF Lens on a Sony E-Mount Camera with this Vello Adapter


Got Canon glass but digging the new tech in the popular Sony mirrorless cameras? Do you want that “full-frame look” with an APS-C format Sony camera? Now you can use your beloved Canon lenses on a Sony E-mount APS-C camera with the new Vello Accelerator AF Lens Adapter, available in late May, 2016.

With this new adapter, you have fewer excuses to transition to the Sony mirrorless system. Its sturdy build allows you to mount your Canon lenses on an APS-C Sony E-mount mirrorless camera body (or full-frame Sony E-mount in the crop mode) and retain complete automatic functionality, including auto exposure, autofocus, and aperture control. Exif data will also transfer.

Using a four-element, four-group optical design, the lens’s angle of view is increased by 0.71x, which effectively negates the crop factor of APS-C format cameras while simultaneously increasing the maximum aperture of your lens by a full stop. For example, you can mount your full-frame Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens onto the Sony E-Mount APS-C camera and the Vello mount will allow you to shoot a field of view very near the 50mm focal length, while offering an effective maximum aperture of f/1.0.

Image stabilization is also supported and will work with Sony’s in-body stabilization systems. Metal construction ensures long-term durability, while a matte-black interior works to prevent unwanted flare and reflections, for optimal image quality. An integrated tripod foot with the standard ¼"-20 socket can be used when mounting heavy lenses on your mirrorless camera body, to eliminate stress on the camera’s lens mount.

With the Vello Accelerator AF Lens Adapter, full-frame and APS-C format image making have never been more closely aligned, allowing you to expand your shooting capabilities to new dimensions.


will this work with video auto focus??

While this adapter will allow for autofocus when shooting video, you may hear the autofocus motor in your soundtrack. 

Will this adapter work with sony a5000 ? 

Do any of the new Sony APS-C cameras have in body stabilization?  I thought the a6000 and a6300 both lacked it.

The Sony APS-C size sensor camera offerings at this time do not have image stabilization, no.  That being said, if one was to use this adapter on the a7R II (for example), to shoot 4K in the APS-C sizes sensor mode, the lens’s image stabilization would work with the camera’s in-body stabilization.


I have tried many of these lens adapter with sony A7 and A7 ii and not of them really able to auto focus.  Am I not using it or have the correct setting on the sony?

I have the Metabones adapter on my Sony A7ii and also find it slow to focus, especially with my 100-400 lens.  Should I expect the same sort of performance with this one, or will the focus be fast enough to use as a good birding lens?

Hi Suze -

I expect this new VELLO adapter will offer similar performance to the Metabones dveice you currently own. The convenience of using these type of adapters tends to come with some performance caveats.

Many of the auto adapters are only guarantee autofocus with a certain amount of Canon lenses.  Also, the a7R II is the first of the a7 series cameras with an AF system that actually leant itself well to use with adapted lenses.  It’s the first of those series cameras where I consistently heard of useable AF speeds and accuracy with adapted lenses. 

I have Commlite.It takes some 2  to 5 seconds in focus hunting (in AF mode).' Change your Focus setting between Phase Detect and Contrast Detect dependinf on lens.

Will this adapter work with the sony A7 series with full frame cameras and lenses?  Is the camera fast when using this adapter?

While you could use this adapter on a full frame E-mount camera, you would have to shoot in APS-C size sensor mode.  The adapter would cause vignetting when used in full frame mode.  As for autofocus, functionality would likely depend on the camera and lens being used. 

While EF full frame lenses produce unacceptable vignets with adapter, I wonder how my manual lenses give mild and correctable vignetting and let me use at full frame mode.