Win a New Laptop! Enter the Before-and-After Photo Editing Contest


There is still time left to enter the 2017 B&H Photo Before & After Photo Editing Contest! You could win the grand prize of an Apple MacBook Pro or Microsoft Surface Laptop, or bring home a B&H Gift Card!

An all-star panel of judges will pick the winner, and photos will be judged on inventive use of foreground, middle ground, and distance, creativity in editing, originality, and overall impact. The judges include John Paul Caponigro, Katrin Eismann, Steve Huff, Stephen Mallon, Jared Platt, Serge Ramelli, and Kristina Sherk.

For more information on the contest, click here.

For a complete list of official rules, click here.


Can the next contest please have a captcha and an email confirmation link or something to complete a "Like"?

It seems like the top people are just giving themselves unlimited free votes by repeatedly opening up the site IE InPrivate / Chrome incognito mode, clicking the heart button and then closing out and getting back in to do it again. That or scripting it somehow.

I mean, if you run a contest on FB or Instagram, then you run into problems with people who have thousands of fake FB and Instagram accounts being able to vote for themselves as much as they want as well.

Agreed, But looking at the entries, it seems There is real good talent in the mix, hopefully the judges see Talent, and not inflated likes.