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WPPI 2018: Lastolite Announces Two Sizes for SkyLite Rapid Diffuser Line


Lastolite has expanded its SkyLite Rapid line to include 5 x 5' and 10 x 10' versions of its light-modifier panels, which complement three currently existing sizes available to image-makers. The 5 x 5' panel sits in the middle of the size range and comes in four cover styles: 0.75 stop and 1.25 stop diffusion, as well as silver/white and black/white reflectors. It is also available in a kit with the frame, 1.25 stop diffusion fabric, silver/white reflector, and rigid carry case. As for the largest model in the lineup, the 10 x 10' is available only as a 0.75 stop or 1.25 stop diffuser without reflector options, and is also offered in a kit with the frame, 1.25 stop diffuser, and carrying case.

The main advantage of the SkyLite Rapid system is its portability, which makes it a remarkable option for on-location shooting. A lightweight aluminum frame makes setup easy without giving up stability, while the clip-on covers can be switched at any time to achieve different effects. Thanks to the two announced sizes, the SkyLite Rapid lineup becomes significantly more versatile: the 5 x 5' is big enough for a full-length portrait but small enough to be handheld, while the 10 x 10' is the largest in the lineup by far for controlling light and providing a large area of diffusion. If these don’t match your needs, the existing 3.6 x 3.6, 3.6 x 6.6, and 6.6 x 6.6' models might be worth a look.

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