WPPI 2018: Spider Camera Holster Offers Products for Strap-Free Camera Carrying


Have you always wanted a convenient strap-free solution for carrying your camera during shoots? With an updated lineup, the new harnesses from Spider Camera Holster might just fill the bill. These waist-carrying mounting systems can comfortably hold professional gear weighing more than 5 lb and come in three different product configurations: a single-sided belt with one holster, a dual-sided belt for two pieces of equipment, and a Box Set for adding a mounting point to your own belt. Also available are extra mounting plates for separate purchase, including a Lens Collar Plate designed for holding large telephoto lenses, as well as the SpiderPro Plate v2 that comes standard with all three product options.

Central to the effectiveness of this harness is the Pro Holster, which offers a two-position locking system for increased flexibility. It allows you to either lock-in the camera when walking around or unfasten it so you can quickly and easily draw the camera while shooting. The second part is the Pro Plate that goes on the tripod socket of your camera, featuring rubber grips to help reduce slipping, and an anti-twist pin to keep the plate itself safely inside the holster. Completing the system is the belt, which fits waists from 28 to 50 inches, in an ergonomic design to reduce fatigue. Together, these three parts make up the basic single-camera system; the Box set simply gets rid of the belt so you can use your own, while the dual-sided kit includes all of them, plus a lens collar plate and a pad with a mounting point for the other side of your waist.

Speaking of the Lens Collar plate, one of its most notable features is compatibility with the Arca-type quick-release system. This is particularly useful for shooters who constantly deploy and collapse their tripods as they explore a certain area, since it allows them to simply use the same plate. Both the SpiderPro lens and camera plates can have their anti-twist pin moved with an included hex wrench, so you can use them on the left or right side of your waist, depending on your dexterity. Also, aluminum and stainless-steel construction makes them highly durable yet lightweight enough for comfortable use.

What do you think about this harness system? Are there other camera-carrying solutions you enjoy? Share your opinion with us in the Comments section, below.