WPPI 2019: Lighting Innovations by Westcott


Portability and compatibility merge into the name of the game for Westcott when it comes to taking care of the lighting needs of wedding and portrait photographers. At the B&H Photo booth, at the annual WPPI conference and trade show in Las Vegas, Westcott is featuring some of its latest and greatest products.

The Ice Light continues to be a popular tool for working photographers who need a little extra light and don’t have time to set up a stand or light modifiers. The Ice Light 2 emits twice as much light as the original version and is the perfect lighting source for specific subtle, yet dramatic, lighting needs.

Back to the portability theme, the Apollo softboxes all have an innovative expand and collapse system that is very reminiscent of your everyday umbrella. Not only does this speed setup and breakdown, but it also allows for more compact storage because they collapse into the size and shape of... an umbrella! And, the other good news is that the Apollo softboxes are compatible with a great many lighting systems. Speaking of compatibility, the Westcott Switch softboxes accept 13 different brands of lighting.

Last, but not least, in our Westcott roundup, is the power source for the innovative Westcott Flex LED mat lights—a 26V 150Wh battery system. While many manufacturers are choosing to double-up on 14V battery systems for their high-power-demand LEDs, Westcott has jumped to a single 26V battery system, while keeping the Watt-hours at 150 for approved airline travel, under current regulations. If battery specs bore you, the lights are really cool, too. They are water resistant and flexible. The flexibility, again, allows for supreme portability because you can literally roll up your LED panel and head out into the field. A frame is not required, but the frame breaks down, as well, to minimize its travel footprint.

Westcott certainly has its eye on the wedding and portrait market, with a solid lineup of innovative and portable products.