WPPI 2019: Sigma Launches 11 L-Mount Lenses and MC-21 Adapter


I feel like I’m having déjà vu. Last year, at WPPI and CP+, Sigma unveiled an entire lineup of Art primes for the Sony E mount. Today, just before WPPI 2019, Sigma is doing the same thing, but this time for the Leica L mount and the L-Mount Alliance. In addition to this series of 11 lenses, new MC-21 Mount Converter Lens Adapters are on their way that will allow the use of select Canon EF and Sigma SA-mount glass on L-mount camera bodies.

This is a huge announcement for those interested in the latest L-mount releases, as well as those invested in Leica’s existing system. The Art series includes a 14mm f/1.8, 20mm f/1.4, 24mm f/1.4, 28mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, 40mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4, 70mm f/2.8 Macro, 85mm f/1.4, 105mm f/1.4, and 135mm f/1.8—that list fills in nearly any gap I can think of for essential primes. This means if you want to get the Panasonic S1 or S1R or you already have a Leica SL, you should now be able to get the lens you always wanted for it. These even come with full autofocus and electronic control support on L-mount cameras, thanks to the L-Mount Alliance. Sigma has noted that these native releases are optimized for L-mount autofocus systems, support in-body stabilization, come pre-loaded with aberration corrections, and feel much more secure when mounted. And Sigma is adding the L mount to its Mount Conversion Service.

If those 11 lenses don’t do the trick, maybe the MC-21 Mount Converter Lens Adapter will do the trick. This is available for Sigma SA or Sigma-created Canon EF lenses and will bring support to a wide array of other lenses. If you are shooting with multiple systems and want to add an L-mount camera body, this is an affordable way of using your existing lenses. The MC-21 will offer AF-S support and has a built-in LED that will notify the user of the lens’s status when mounted. Lens data is pre-loaded into the adapter so that lens performance can be optimized, and it has Exif data support. Additionally, it comes with a tripod mount and the inside of the adapter is covered in flocking to minimize reflections.

Today’s announcement of Sigma’s L-mount line is a boon for the L-Mount Alliance. Panasonic and Leica users now have a huge number of new lenses to choose from with the benefit of native-mount support. Is this enough to make you consider a new L-mount camera such as the Panasonic S1 or S1R? Are you glad Sigma is a member of the L-Mount Alliance? Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned to B&H Explora for the latest news from WPPI and CP+ 2019!