XSORIES Weye Feye S Gives You 262-Foot Remote Trigger Control


Trigger your camera from your smart device, even if you’re in a Wi-Fi dead zone with the Weye Feye S. This device from XSORIES creates its own Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control your camera from up to 262' away.

The free downloadable iOS/Android Weye Feye S app enables you to use your camera’s live view from your smart device, as well as upload and share your images to your favorite social media platform. With a latency of just 0.2 seconds, you can be sure to capture the shot you want with virtually no delay.

A built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery keeps the unit powered for up to eight hours in Live View mode, or fourteen hours in Gallery mode.


What is the difference between weye feye and weye feye S?

Very cool new gizmo!  I am tempted.  I am assuming you have to choose the focal point in advance or put your camera on Auto and let it decide?

Actually no.  Once you've downloaded the app to your smartphone (Apple/Android) you have the ability to:

- Take pictures and record videos remotely.
- View and change the DSLR settings wirelessly(ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, etc).
- Watch the live view from the DSLR wirelessly.
- Live view touch focus and change the focus manually.
- Live view zoom, you can zoom in to do a better manual focus.
- View the thumbnail and full size JPEG on DSLR.
- Save the photo files to iOS device.
- Manage the DSLR files wirelessly.
- Bulb mode
- Continue capture


I would like more information and if possible a visual streaming demo before I buy.

Below is a link to the Weye Feye S on Xsories for you to regard.  They include alot of infomortation on the product here.  As far as a video demonstration goes, we do not have one prepared to share with you ourselves, and I did not see on on the manufacturer's site, but you may wish to google "weye feye XS" and regard the video results.