Your Best Pet/Animal Portrait


Nap Time

A little while ago, we asked you to share your favorite pet and animal portraits in our Flickr Group. We received loads of amazing photos from your archives, and you proceeded to tell us a little story about the photos. Here are some of the best.

Photo by Rich Frollini "My little boy loved the sleeping Mandrill at the Pittsburgh Zoo. He kept yelling 'Wake up, monkey !!!"'

Photo by Blaneyphoto

"This is a new behavior for my cats. They've adopted my sock drawer as a hangout. If I'm getting dressed, there are at least two cats in there—sometimes more—fighting for a spot!"

Jungle Gardens Bradenton - -198

Photo by jkardysphotos

"Thank you B&H. I love my Canon 50mm f1.2 because I can get great shots like this of my Bruno. :)"


Photo by WHPiersonJr

"This is Sámara, my daschund puppy. I took this photo the day my Nikon D300s arrived. I was so excited to finally buy it! I was outside on my balcony reading the manual and playing with the settings, when I noticed Sámara was sitting just a few feet from me, paying close attention to what I was doing. Inmediately after, I took this photo. Only seconds later she ran to lie next to me."

Serious face

Photo by gundym

"This here is Captain, or Cap for short. This is the face he makes after I've taken too many consecutive pictures of him."

i want this..!! it's mine!!

Photo by Better Nothing than Almost

"This is Chubby, she's my sister's owner. Yup, she's the empress at her house! she can get a "little" crazy sometimes, especially when i take away her favorite toy. when people look at her they're like "awwwww" but they don't know her for real. that's why i uploaded this video she could go on like this forever. seriously."

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Me ha parecido muy interesante el articulo, me encantan los animales, en especial los aguilas

Hola Elena,

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