Zeiss Lengthens Loxia Line with 85mm f/2.4 Lens


Zeiss has extended their compact, manual-only Loxia line into the telephoto realm with their release of an 85mm f/2.4 Lens. This lens perfectly complements the existing set of 21mm, 35mm, and 50mm lenses by providing a fresh perspective that is ideal for portraits while maintaining all of the features and specifications that make the Loxia series an ideal choice for discerning photographers and filmmakers. Also, the lens is designed for Sony’s full-frame E-mount mirrorless cameras, where it maintains a small form factor that balances well on the svelte camera bodies.

This 85mm f/2.4 lens utilizes an optimized Sonnar design that features seven elements in seven groups, including three anomalous partial dispersion elements that help minimize aberrations and improve image quality. It also offers a large, manual focus ring with a rotation angle of 220° and hard stops for absolute precision from the minimum focus distance of 31.5” up to infinity. As with the rest of the Loxia series, the 85mm features electronic communication with the camera, transferring important lens data and focusing information to the camera for writing to the Exif data and automatically activating the magnification function.

Filmmakers will greatly appreciate the uniform design, diameter, and 52mm front filter thread on the 85mm f/2.4 that make switching between different Loxia lenses a much simpler job. It also features a De-Click function for smooth aperture adjustments during shooting. The lens is made of metal for durability and is sealed to prevent dust and spray from entering it. Finally, the 85mm is compatible with Zeiss’ small Lens Gear.