4 Ideas for Your Geotagged Images


If you are new to geotagging your images, take a step back and review my article, How to Geotag Your Images. Or, did you digest that information already and now you find yourself wondering, “I geotagged my photos. Now what?” Well, here are some ideas on what to do after you geotag your images.


A lot of photo software and photo image hosting services have integrated map functionality. Photos on the Mac system, Flickr, and Google’s Picasa on the Web are two examples.

In these systems, you can look at a world map and see where your images were captured. Aside from being an all-in-one visual representation of your (or your camera’s) travels, you can use the location data and maps to show others how far your wanderlust adventures span the globe. Or you can use it to re-trace your steps to help jog your memory about where a photo was taken, or plan to return to the spot for an even better photo.

Geotagging an image, and providing location data, especially for an image that could have been taken anywhere, will help in the telling of a visual story.


One of the most valuable uses for the geotag is to help your brain remember what it has forgotten. While there is value in knowing exactly where you were standing when you took a photo, especially if it was of a celestial event or rare happening, there is also value in knowing the general area where you were.

I personally have a treasure trove of images from two vacations in Europe. To this day, because years have passed, I cannot tell you which images were taken in which town in Southern France... or was it Northern Italy? I kind of wish I had some geotags to place groups of images in different places.

No Notes

Years ago, photographers would break out a marker or pen and write information on locations on film canisters. Now we can take notes on our mobile devices or memory card holders. But, if you are geotagging your images, location data need not be a part of your note-taking process. This will certainly save you time and let you do more shooting and less writing!

Populate the Web

Another thing you can do with geotagged images is upload them to the Web so that your fellow travelers can view your images when they use Internet maps and want to preview a location before they head to a particular spot. As a freelance photographer, I have used not only street-view images, but shots from others to help plan shoots for clients. Show the world the beautiful vista you captured and many others may travel there to experience it for themselves. Plus, it is a great way to get your name and photography out in the public sphere.

There are many more uses for geotagged images. Tell us how you use geotags in your personal or professional photography, in the discussion section below!