The '40s Glamour Portrait


Join Bob Harrington on a photographic trip to the past. Let him show you how to achieve the high-contrast look of the black-and-white glamour portrait, reproducing those classic old Hollywood black-and-white glamour shots of actresses like Lauren Bacall, Joan Crawford, or Veronica Lake, using only 3 speedlights and a small selection of Rogue Flashbenders.

During this presentation, Harrington shows you “the” style of Hollywood glamour photographers C.S. Bull, Lazlo Willinger, and the preëminent George Hurrell, recreating the look of hot lights with small flashes. Harrington takes you from start to finish. He photographs a model dressed and styled in the classic look, chooses one image from the set, and completely finishes it in the high-contrast, black-and-white of that foregone era using a few simple functions in post processing.