Adding Motion to Stills with Clay Blackmore


In this B&H Event Space video, Canon Explorer of Light Clay Blackmore leads you out of the past and onto the cutting edge with the exceptional filmmaking abilities of Canon DSLRs. Join Blackmore as he explains how he turned his wedding and portrait business into a full-service multimedia studio, using the capabilities of his DSLR to create unique marketing films that increase his business and generate additional revenue. During this information-rich session, you’ll experience Blackmore's cinema-photography workflow in full detail, starting with DSLR capture, and moving through storytelling, audio, editing in Photoshop and Premiere Pro, and ending with pricing and selling. Additionally, you’ll learn about his strategy for batting 1,000 to deliver consistent results. After watching, you’ll be inspired to combine dynamic multimedia creations with your own photography to create a cinematic approach to your work.


Wonderful if you are professonial with thosands o dollars of equipment, Let us talk about the little guy? This guy seems to talk about hiself without end.

I gave up after an hour and a half of hoping this would be about video techniques, needed equipment and editing, not a sales video about how good this guy thinks he is. I am very disappointed in my wasted time... :(

And this is coming from a person who never ever writes anything negative....but this has tipped me over the edge to do so. Truely Disappointed.

* truly* (my apologies) truely