A&I Books Presents: Andy Graber's Pro Software Techniques for Photo-Book Design


While Photoshop is one of the most popular software programs for photographers of all levels, InDesign has unique features that can be useful for photographers who want to create albums, templates or portfolios. The ability to create multi-page documents separates InDesign from Photoshop, which allows photographers to go beyond just editing their images.

A&I’s BookCreator software also offers an easy-to-use, but sophisticated alternative. Join Andy Graber for a two-hour introduction to key features in InDesign geared toward photographers, and an introduction to BookCreator. Whether you want to create your very own custom designed photo book, or design unique marketing collateral to launch your business, you’ll walk away from this video having learned the basic foundations of InDesign. Andy discusses how to prepare your images in Photoshop for InDesign, typography, importing and sizing images, creating PDFs, wrapping text and much more.