The Art of the Fisheye


How will you separate yourself from the pack of other photographers? It’s by looking for any extra edge. After Gene Ho's recent talk at ImagingUSA, someone commented, “It’s hard enough to try to stand out in a crowd of new photographers. So having a fisheye in your arsenal can get you that extra edge."

The advantage of having a Fisheye lens is that you can photograph things at an angle otherwise impossible to be seen by the human eye. The reason a Fisheye is so different from any other lens is that it’s the only lens with which you are not compelled to look through the viewfinder to compose and focus. You can shoot from above, below, from the side, from behind. Spend an afternoon with Gene Ho as he demonstrates his unique use of camera lenses.



This awesome video. There was really a lot of information for me.
Thanks B&H.

Thank you. This was a great video. I bought a fisheye lens a while back with a certain image in my mind of what I would get out of it. I didn’t. And I just really didn’t know what else to do with it. Now I can’t wait to get it out and try some of these ideas.

Thanks B&H for providing this awesome video. There was really a lot of information in this.

Thank you Gene for those tips on fisheye usage. I have been pondering wether to get one or not for a couple of years now. I will definately be buying after watching this video, many of your techniques should cross over to my specialty which live music. Thank you again, and keep the shutter moving.

Appleton, WI

He really stays for receptions instead of having his flunkies shoot them......doubt it......not blowing thousands on two fisheyes just so I can do the cha cha shuffle....really......