Back to Basics: Wedding Photography


Joe Buissink's photography is about capturing the moments and the essence of the person in those moments. His work redefines wedding photography and has been described as “fine art.” Buissink began photographing weddings because he was drawn to the open and honest display of emotions inherent in those events. He considers himself a "seeker of truth" at weddings—searching intently for those rare and intimate moments between loved ones. This search has not only defined Buissink's style of photography, but has also guided his passion and has become the driving force behind what Buissink considers his greatest obsession.

In Buissink's own words:

"Over the last 15 years, I’ve had the extreme honor of photographing weddings for couples from all over the world and each one of them proves for me, time and time again, what a wonderful gift this has been. Each and every wedding I’ve photographed has given me the opportunity to bear witness and play a part in the most near and dear moments in a couple’s life together. The depth of that realization still overwhelms me today."

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That was one of the best videos that I have seen. Beautiful!