B&H Event Space: How To Shoot Studio and Tabletop Product Photography


Product photography requires a great deal of work in order to get the shot just right. A product shot is crucial in conveying a product's purpose or message. We're talking about the photos you see at any online retailer, in magazines, or on billboards. Gear varies from product to product, but the fundamentals are almost always the same. Even if you’re not photographing products, the techniques used for product photography are something from which almost everyone can benefit and implement in their own photography.

Join us for a live photo session, which includes product photography, the fundamentals of lighting, color management, and much more! Attendees worked with the instructors to set up backdrop, lighting, cameras, and small- to medium-sized products for a photo shoot. Image capture was performed tethered, and was color-managed from start to finish. Image intake and fundamentals of RAW processing and output are also covered. Color management tools by Datacolor, featuring the new SpyderCHECKR 24 were used during this demonstration.