B&H Event Space: Photographing Zoo Animals


Although wonderful photographic opportunities abound at zoos, so do photographic challenges. Many indoor exhibits are poorly lit and feature highly reflective glass or plastic that additionally may be scratched, discolored, or otherwise marred. Outdoor exhibits may feature wire mesh enclosures, plastics, bars, and thick metal fencing.

Jeffrey Falk has spent years photographing wildlife at WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) facilities in the Bronx and Queens. He will demonstrate the equipment and techniques that he has developed to make the enclosures disappear and allow an unobstructed photograph of the animal. Although Falk uses Nikon flashes, cameras, and lenses, all of his techniques are applicable to the equipment of all other camera manufacturers.

Don't miss this short workshop, that gives you the techniques and tips to create masterful wildlife images at your local zoo. Safari to Africa NOT required! Some of Falk’s work on photographing animals can be found here.