Building the Dramatic Portrait, Sponsored by Westcott


Joel Grimes is commonly referred to as a commercial advertising photographer. However, he’d rather define himself as an artist, not in any pretentious way, but because it accurately describes what he does and how he goes about his work. And in doing so, he extends that appellation to all those that choose to follow the call of their unique talents. But what has this to do with dramatic portraiture?

This question and more are answered in this spirited, almost two-hour presentation. Having explained that concept, Grimes goes on to demystify the process of lighting portraiture. He shows how people can be freed from the technical burdens that bog them down, and in doing so, move themselves forward in the creative process. And with a stunning admission along the way, he absolutely proves his point.



This video is one of the most engaging, interesting, and hands down informative 2 hour lighting videos I have seen on the internet. I must commend Joel for being willing to provide this sort of academic knowledge to the photographic community for free. I am currently a full-time photography student at university and hoping to have a life-long career as a portrait and fashion photographer. Videos such as these really help us young and emerging artists as they help to inspire our minds, our eyes, and show us what is artistically possible without going to the ends of the earth with technical set-ups and bank breaking equipment. Thankyou for this video!! Hope to see more =D

Great presentation! Very inspiring!! Visionary and down-to-earth at the same time... Watch it!

Really inspiring. I'm a surgeon and love photography. I'm also color-blind. Never thought you could be color-blind and be able to make it in photography. Thanks Joel for the great video, and thanks B&H for putting it up (for FREE).

Mr.Grimes gave so much useful info,but not only about technics which were pretty cool, but to use our our intuition. And not just photographing someone but directing someone. Thank you for sharing your secrets Mr.Grimes

I am 66 years old and have been involved in newspaper/photography since the 60's. Some photo schooling but always felt I needed to apologize because my images did not meet the technical standards of someone else. No more! Your philosophy of being who you are and being proud of 'my' vision has brought freedom to my shooting from now on.

Thank You,