Off-Camera Flash: Packing Small and Shooting Big


Join Joseph Carey as he takes you through the basics of the often daunting world of flash photography, with a focus on Speedlites. Fulfill your creative ideas with your flash and camera rather than allow the technology to get in the way of your vision. Carey goes over the basics of how to get the flash off your camera, modify the light to get the effect that you envision, as well as other tips and tricks to let you master the often confusing world of flash photography.

The presentation focuses on concepts that can be applied to any brand of SLR and flash system, with attention focused on how to modify the light to get results that range from soft to dramatic. Carey also explores techniques for taming inconvenient ambient light to create pleasing images at all times of the day, and unravels the mysteries of high-speed-synch shooting as well as long exposures with flash. At the end of the class, even first-timers will be able to get big results from their small flash.