Enchanted Earth: A Study of Nature Up Close and Personal


Macro photography is photography magnified, with an emphasis on detail, pattern and texture. It allows us to enter a world that is normally hidden from the naked eye. In this one-hour video, Barbara Leven takes us on a fascinating journey using an abundant display of her botanical photographs.

Ms. Leven’s photos have been published and her work exhibited widely. Her career has included studio photography and graphic design, making her well qualified to give practical advice about the art, without drowning the viewer in techno babble. Audience questions along the way help flesh out the subject.

You can see more of Ms. Leven's work on her official website.

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This was an outstanding presentation. Ms. Levin is a very good instructor and presenter. She is clear, and specific in describing how she took her photos including the equipment she uses and the editing that she may do on photos. I wish I lived in NYC to have tutoring by her.