Event Space Video Interview with Peter Hurley


Considered one of the top headshot photographers specializing in advertizing and commercial work, Peter Hurley’s extensive portfolio includes portraiture, models and fashion as well as actors' headshots. He is also known for photographing the cast and crew of the TV series Lost, as it wrapped up its final season.

In this ten-minute interview, Hurley speculates on what it is that makes him successful. He talks about his relationship to his subjects and how he interacts with the variety of people appearing in front of his lens. A brief discussion of lighting preferences and some additional tips make this a worthwhile glimpse into his work.

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They're actors. If they can't come up with a good expression, they're in the wrong business. And if you can't take a good headshot of a good-looking person with great hair and makeup, you're in the wrong business.

And that's the most bland lighting I've ever seen.