Going Pro! with Selina Maitreya

If you are new to pro photography as a career or thinking about transitioning from being an amateur to going pro, watch this video!

Selina Maitreya has been a consultant to new and established photographers internationally, for more than 30 years. She continues to counsel photographers in every area of the commercial realm.

During her lecture she discusses:

  • How to know when its time to take “The Leap”
  • The different commercial photo markets and the value that buyers seek from photographers
  • The tools you need to have in place in order to launch
  • The “new selling paradigm” and how you can develop a business that will be attractive to today’s buyers
  • The importance of developing a vision based portfolio
  • Presentation options from web to blogs to print book to ipads
  • Selina’s 4 step approach to successful marketing

Maitreya consults one-on-one with photographers interested in going pro, or those already in business who want to move into high gear.

Contact Maitreya @ 978-263-1088 or [email protected] for more info, or to schedule an appointment.

There are a limited number of appointments and her schedule always fills up.