How to Master Photo Shoots with Models


A photographer's light is our language; we tell our stories with light. So understanding and controlling that light is very important. However, as soon as we master our light... What’s the next step? This is where most photo shoots go wrong.

In this jam-packed and fun two-hour seminar, Fashion/Celebrity photographer Frank Doorhof guides you through many tips that will make your photo shoot go from OK to WOW without breaking the bank. Doorhof talks about using light more creatively, using props, but most of all, how to style your sessions and coach the models to get that one expression and tell that story that will make your shots stand out.

Doorhof has a wide area of expertise, ranging from model to street/travel photography, and he specializes in teaching. He is a KelbyOne instructor, X-rite colorati, Adobe Influencer, DxO image master and has recently been added to the top 100 of most social-media-influential photographers in the world. His book, “Mastering the Model Shoot,” has reached bestseller status and is, according to many, one of the best books on the subject. This seminar was based, in part, on that book so if you’re into model/people photography, you can’t afford to miss this video.

About Frank Doorhof

Both photography and teaching have been in Doorhof’s blood from a very young age. He has released a book called "A Guide to Model Photography,” and nine instructional DVDs, which are sold worldwide. In the studio in Emmeloord, Netherlands, Doorhof teaches workshops on a weekly basis, but he also teaches workshops in other countries, sometimes for manufacturers but also for groups of photographers. In 2010, he was the first European photographer to join Kelby training, a group of the world's best instructors in both photography and retouching. Doorhof shoots mainly with medium format digital cameras—at this moment, a Leaf digital back connected to a Mamiya RZ67ProII, for studio work, and a Phase One DF camera with Leaf back for location work. For sports and other areas of photography that are difficult to shoot with medium format, he uses canon DSLRs. Although Doorhof loves digital photography, he rediscovered analog photography when he switched to medium format, and is shooting film with the RZ67ProII. The scans from the 6 × 7 negatives/slides have a certain look you can’t get with digital cameras, and medium format system film and the digital format are easily combined.