How to Pose Wedding Portraits, with Photographer Moshe Zusman


Join renowned wedding photographer Moshe Zusman as he explains his approach and shares some of his techniques for posing brides, grooms, and wedding parties. If you want your wedding portraits to possess pizzazz, character, elegance, and a natural feel, Zusman suggests that you treat each image as though it were part of a high-fashion shoot.

You can achieve the best images by posing your subjects assertively—and you can imprint ideas in your consciousness by posing your friends, spouses, or relatives in practice. Plan in advance, scout locations, use natural light whenever possible, consider what your backgrounds look like, and let your subjects know that you wish to create a “GQ” vibe in their portraits, to set the mood and bring out their best attitudes. Zusman says the best photos come when you avoid having the bride, groom, and wedding party members stand up stick-straight; he explains how to make them look beautiful, fluid, and interactive. Zusman also discusses how groups will be affected by the environment in which you are photographing them, and then how you can use that space to craft luminous, attractive group portraits.

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