Insights Into the Art and Craft of Landscape Photography


Landscape photography entails the capture of light, color, shape, texture, and emotion to convey your opinion about the natural world. While technical proficiency is important, it is the meaning and vision that you impart to an image that often makes the difference between success and failure. Each of us has a unique and personal vision to express, and Robert Rodriguez Jr believes this is the key to developing—and significantly improving—your photography.

In this presentation, Rodriguez discusses how these ideas form the basis of his landscape photography, and how the "art and craft" combine to achieve what is most important, a meaningful image. He talks about not only the basic hows of landscape photography, but more importantly, the whys that can help you begin to "make" meaningful images instead of just hoping for good results. Rodriguez uses real-world examples and his own experiences as a landscape photographer throughout the lecture, and there is a Q+A period as well.