Intro to Fine Art Digital Printing

Join Hudson Valley landscape photographer and Canson Infinity ambassador Robert Rodriguez Jr in this basic introduction to fine art digital printing. Learn about the art and process of producing a fine art print, including color management, file processing, inkjet technologies, ICC profiling, and paper selections. Learn about what makes a great fine art print, the different types of papers available today, and what to look for when choosing a paper for your own work.

As an experienced printmaker, Robert shares his expertise and experiences making and selling his own fine art prints in galleries and art shows, as well as which papers he uses and why. He also demonstrates his printing workflow using Lightroom 4 and Photoshop. There is a Q&A segment in which  questions about paper, printing, digital workflow, and landscape photography in general are discussed.

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A good doco but nothing was metioned on consistent ambient light which is important during the whole process.

Not everyone has the more expensive monitor calibrators which take this factor into accouint.

Would love to hear some hints on that.