Introduction to Studio Lighting



Join B&H maven Joey Quintero as he provides an overview of the essential principles, techniques, and tools for lighting. This workshop will cover both strobe and continuous lighting equipment and methods utilizing affordable and quality Impact Lighting. By starting out with using just one main light, Joey will demonstrate how to do a lot with a little. In addition to using one light, Joey will discuss the purpose and techniques of using two and three lights as accent, fill and hair lights, as well as how to control light using numerous types of light modifiers including collapsible reflectors, umbrellas, and soft boxes. Introduction to Studio Lighting for Portraiture may be ideal for the soccer mom or dad who is interested in taking team photos, family photos, or someone who is simply interested in looking for some extra revenue on the side. Those seeking to become a professional portrait photographer will find this class a great foundation to learn the necessary skills and what gear to initially invest in.



At 28:31 the video cuts out. Is this happening for anyone else?

Informative and interesting but you can't hear what the questions are from the audience and when the answers are yes and yes it doesn't help you at all. If he repeated the questions so you know what they have asked or gave them a mike it would have been far better.

You ve some advanced classes or course? I ould like to learn more of photography since only take a basic course and some photoshop