Kick the Natural-Light Habit With Your Speedlight



Part 1: Kick the Natural-Light Habit With Your Speedlight

Most of us are natural-light photographers. If you’re anything like James Madelin, you say that because you hate your speedlight flash. Thanks to his years as a press and editorial photographer, Madelin will share with you how to use your speedlight to shoot amazing photos quickly and easily anywhere, every time.

Part 2: Demystifying Long Exposures and Time-Lapse Photography

Do you live at 1/250 and wonder if you could to spend your photo life at shutter speeds of 5, 6, 7, 10 seconds and more? Ever seen awesome time-lapse videos online and want to know how to jump on board? Ex-pro photographer and inventor James Madelin is here to help… walking you through the gear you’ll need and how to get stunning long-exposure photos and time-lapse videos.




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