Lens Explorations: The Art of Creative Seeing & Lighting

Imagining scenes differently, then making compelling photographs of them, is always the goal of creative lens selection and lighting. Lenses are the light benders that paint the sensor with the photographer’s vision. This course by Sigma Pro, Dynalite VIP, and commercial photographer Kevin Ames shows his explorations of lenses and light in traditionally “wrong” situations… ultra-wide angles for fashion, portrait lenses for product, extra-long telephotos for engagement portraits, or medium zooms for landscapes are some of the challenges he solves in this exploration. On the how-it-works side of things, Ames explains focal lengths, where they come from, and what they mean to cropped and full-frame-sensor camera users.

Throughout the program, Ames shares his lighting setups with Dynalite packs and heads that create the dynamic, dramatically lit photographs he makes using Sigma wide-angle, portrait, zoom, and prime lenses. Be inspired to get the most out of your lenses in this creative seeing and lighting program.