The Life of a Viral Photographer: Full Version


In this B&H Event Space video, Michele Palazzo, aka @streetfauna, relates the story of his iconic image of winter storm Jonas, which went viral across the Internet for more than three weeks, offering him a new understanding of the power of photography. User experience designer by trade, Palazzo is a digital native who is passionate about photography, and spends his spare time making pictures of his daily walks to and from work. Armed with his Ricoh GR point-and-shoot, Palazzo braved the extreme conditions on the morning of the blizzard to hunt for pictures. In one auspicious frame, he captured the dramatic wind conditions at New York’s iconic Flatiron building.

After describing the events leading up to this shot, Palazzo explains what happened afterwards, including the many incredible coincidences to accompany his notoriety. During this video, you’ll get the inside scoop about how a photo becomes viral and what to expect in the crazy days that follow. Among the things that Palazzo learned from this experience: Believe in your ideas, look for quality, keep connecting with people, walk a lot, and above all, carry your camera at all times.