Original and Simple: Seven Essential Secrets to Outstanding Photography


In this B&H Event Space video, veteran photographer Joe DiMaggio takes decades’ worth of experience and distills it down to nine elements that will enhance your photography. Both amateurs and budding professionals will benefit from this fast-paced, two-hour presentation. Some of the themes discussed include the following categories.

The immediacy of a photograph: When later is unacceptable

Exposure: Night and day and it’s off the chart!

Composition: The rule of thirds and harmony

Why God gave you knees: Lessons in perspective

Less is more: Make this old adage work for you

How one smile can make you multilingual: It’s all about access to the world

While these precepts may seem simple, DiMaggio elaborates and illustrates how they can enhance your photography and take you to new dimensions in seeing. DiMaggio is known for providing enlightening and fun education, so don’t miss this chance to learn from the pro, and expand your photo skills.