Photographers Showcase Series: Event Space Alumni Show Their Work


The Photographers Showcase series highlights the work of B&H Event Space alumni who are currently engaged in creating poignant bodies of work and are influenced by the free programs that the B&H Event Space produces. Each photographer will showcase their current projects and offer insight into what is behind their thought process and the gear they use to make their photographs, in 40-minute segments.

In this first and inaugural Photographers Showcase, we bring you three locals:

Charles Chessler  Coming from a theater background, Charles scours the streets and parks of New York City, looking for quintessential moments to capture. Whether it be a Central Park raptor or a construction worker high above, few things escape Charles's lens. Charles can be found at New York art fairs selling his photographs or across the city making photographs.

Visit Charles’s website and follow Charles on Facebook

Gene Lowinger  An astute street photographer, Gene  started off in the wet darkroom with a Leica M4 and transitioned to digital seamlessly. Gene is concerned with the story being told in the black-and-white image and has built up a strong body of work consisting of the vanishing Lower East Side neighborhood. When Gene is not shooting he can be found with a fiddle tucked under his chin, making music. 

Visit Gene’s website and blog

John Skelson  A Staten Island native, John Skelson has been patrolling the Kill Van Kull waterway, photographing the maritime traffic since the 1970s with his Nikon. Recently, the New York Times Lens Blog featured his ongoing work. When he's not shooting tug boats or hanging at the Event Space, John is teaching photography at the Art Lab in Snug Harbor.

View John’s website and his weekly blog.