Photography as a Social Event


For a guy who normally likes to shoot by himself, Vincent Knaus advocates well for the pleasures and advantages of group photography. His experiences leading and being a part of groups of photographers who meet to shoot various locations or subjects have offered him the chance to make some wonderful images, which he shares with us in the B&H video.

By fashioning his “meet-ups” around places and times he would like to shoot, not only does he get to make great pictures and try out new ideas, but he does so with people he enjoys and with whom he shares an enthusiasm. Mentioning, Digital Photo Academy, Parks and Recreation Classes, Photography on the High Seas and various workshops and seminars, Knaus encourages us to get out and shoot with others in order to improve our photography. In his presentation, he displays many of his beautiful works and discusses the hows and whens of their capture, including tips on backlighting, zone focusing and detail work. At the end of the day he feels that “photography will teach you what you are good at.” He’s better at working with people than he initially lets on.