Street Photography and the New Fujifilm X-T2


Photographer Omar Z. Robles brings an insightful discussion on street photography to the B&H Event Space, filled with many examples of his own work, and general and specific tips to improve your work. He starts with his three basic rules for street photography: know the law, know your gear, and shoot every day. He also peppers his talk with some quotes from the masters (Winogrand, Capa) and discusses his preference for getting close to his subjects and using wide-angle lenses. Robles is very open about his fears, his motives, his methods, and how to handle the confrontations that may occur when shooting strangers on the street. He wraps up by mentioning some photographers who have influenced his own work, suggested street photographers to follow on Instagram, and his reasons for choosing Fujifilm X-series cameras and lenses. 

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Just shoot film.

Camera modes: It depends on which camera I use: with the F-1, it is normally manual. If I have the motor drive mounted, it may be shutter priority; I have the AE Finder, so it may be aperture priority. With the A-1, it may be Tv, Av, or [P]; I have shot manual and stopped-down. WIth my 5D, it's more than likely on [P].

Of the fireman sotry: It's experience; it's instinct.

Don't chimp! For my 5D, I turned off image review.
Keep Walking: Great tip.
My tip: Carry junk rolls of film in your pocket.