Telling a Story With Selective Focus


Every photograph tells a story. Do you want to learn some techniques to help you become a more eloquent storyteller? Selective focus is a technique that can help you control which part of your image stands out. Understanding selective focus will expand your creativity. Whether you are a photojournalist or traditional photographer, this technique will enhance your storytelling skills in every photo. It will help you to fully explain and amplify your visual statement. The nice thing is that it is not limited to weddings and portraits—once you understand how to use it and why it works, selective focus can be employed in every facet of your photography including editorial, commercial, advertising, landscape, and industrial applications.

Your presenter, award-winning photographer Emanuele “Manny” Pontoriero, will explain and show what selective focus is and how to achieve it using the tools and equipment that will make it easy to accomplish. Pontoriero will also reveal to you how to incorporate the thought process of creating memorable photos through selective focus. This is a must-see presentation to help you learn how to improve your photographic storytelling vocabulary.