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Travel Photography that Creates Lasting Impressions, with Remember Forever Photography


99% of people with cameras approach travel and landscape photography the same way. 99% of photographs you see of any given subject or landscape are all but identical. Even the ones that are different are the same.  Remember Forever’s Luke Ballard takes you on a journey through Machu Picchu in Peru; Sydney, Australia; and our very own New York City; showing you how to make outstanding travel photos of the places you visit.

Ballard goes into detail about his preparation techniques, trip and shoot planning, shooting methods, control of environment, as well as the variety of techniques he employs to capture that one epic shot that falls into the 1%. In preparation for Ballard's discussion about his techniques, including exposure, you should have a solid understanding of manual exposure, aperture, and ISO.

You will come away inspired to travel, with a better understanding of how to control your exposure and environment to greater effect, and with more  knowledge about how to plan, prepare, and perform in your next landscape shoot.

Several years ago, Ballard founded Remember Forever Photography, a company offering more than 15 different workshops, each focused on specific techniques, including landscape photography, night landscapes, events, people and portraits, sports, macro, and animals. Remember Forever is Australia wide and covers the east cost of the USA, including New York City, with plans to open across America over the next twelve months.