Turning Long-Term Projects into Books


In his lecture, Harvey Stein shares aspects of a career that spans more than 40 years of consistent and impressive work in photography. He shows and discusses work from his newest book, Harlem Street Portraits, published last October. In addition, he shows some images from his four other books, Parallels: A Look At Twins (1978), Artists Observed (1986), Coney Island (1998), Movimento: Glimpses of Italian Street Life (2006), and Coney Island 40 Years. Stein also discusses ways of approaching publishers, and strategies for getting long-term projects into book form.

Stein is well known for his strong, close-up and involving street photography, as well as his sensitive portraits of people from around the world. For him, photography is a way to learn about life, living, and self. “Mostly, I do long-term projects that are of personal interest. I photograph situations, people and places I don’t know and need to learn about. Photography is the most meaningful thing I could ever do. It is my way of saying, ‘I am here,’ and my way of sharing some of my life and understanding of the world with others.”