Podcast: From Classroom to Real World - How Young Photographers Are Succeeding in a New Environment


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Our debut episode brings together the former director of photography at New York magazine, Jordan Schaps and photographer/filmmaker An Rong, who contributes regularly to The New York Times, to discuss how to get your work noticed and, more important, how to build and sustain a photo career in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. With experience, humor and straight-up good advice, Jordan Schaps shares from his years of experience and An Rong’s first-hand anecdotes go a long way to show just what it takes to make it in our “new” photography environment. 


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Photos by An Rong Xu


Hi! I'm starting with the podcasts and the information is interesting. You mentioned a Journalist Photographer and I'd like to know the name, since English is not my mother language, I didn't get it right. Something like Ed Kirin/Kevin. It would be great if you add that information written, is really useful. Thanks in advance.

Thank you Josephina... could you let me know about when in the episode was the name mentioned and I'll let you know...

What was the book "The Art of Seeing" that was mentioned?

Thanks for the question Morgan.  Quoting Wikipedia, "The Art of Seeing is a 1942 book by Aldous Huxley, which details his experience with and views on the controversial Bates method, which according to Huxley improved his eyesight."

Love the podcast....great information...thank you thank you

Paul...thank you for the comment, it's great to get feedback from our listeners...