Podcast: iPhoneography and the iPhone 7 Review


The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available on September 15, 2016, and we’ve organized an episode to celebrate iPhone photography, including a hands-on review of the new iPhone 7 Plus. Joining us are three photographers who bring unique perspectives to the imaging capabilities of the iPhone. First, we speak with Robin Robertis, a 2016 winner of the iPhone Photography Award and an artist for whom the iPhone provided a new creative tool for her ethereal and vibrant work. Next, we speak with Ed Kashi, a multi-faceted, veteran photojournalist and filmmaker who was one of five photographers assigned by Time magazine to document Hurricane Sandy with just an iPhone. Kashi also teaches workshops in iPhone photography for National Geographic, and will discuss how he incorporates mobile photography into his journalistic work. After a break, we speak with Brendan Ò Sè, a photographer from Cork, Ireland, whose playful image of the curved lines in Copenhagen’s Superkilen Park was chosen for the “Shot on iPhone 6” ad campaign. He'll talk with us about that experience and how the iPhone revived his love for photography.

Finally, to put a bow on this episode, we sit with Olivier Laurent, editor of LightBox, at Time.com, to chat about his first impressions of the iPhone 7 Plus. Mr. Laurent was given the latest iPhone 7 before its official announcement to test and review its camera, and he shares his thoughts with us on the new features and specs.

Robin Robertis - 02:00
Ed Kashi - 16:37
Brendan Ò Sè - 37:36
Olivier Laurent - 57:25 (iPhone 7 Review)

Photographs above © Robin Robertis

Photographs above © Ed Kashi

Photographs above © Brendan Ò Sè

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Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves


I loved this podcast on iphonography including the review of the 7 plus, since I will have mine in my hands in a couple of days.  I'm looking forward to doing much more photography with it.

Thank you Al...We really appreciate the feedback and thanks for continued support of the podcast.  Enjoy the new camera (I mean phone!) and feel free to share some pics with us on Instagram with #BHPhotoPodcast or send to [email protected]. Thanks

Getting ready to leave iOS and move to Android, I really want to know where is all the Android photograpy love?

It really seems like only people who use iPhones can produce the best mobile photograpy, that Android users have garage phones and cameras. Really wish there was more out there showing love for Android and showing off mobile photography in general.

Thomas C:  Thanks for the comment.  Our podcast episode dealt specifically with the iPhone but I understand your frustration that iPhone gets more attention, especially in some photo circles, but obviously Android devices by Samsung and others create gorgeous images and have advanced features and great screens.  The attached link is to the B&H portal designed for Mobile Photography Week and includes content about Android as well as iOS.  I hope it serves you and I'd be interested in hearing how you compare the two systems if you do decide to move to Android. Thanks again.