Podcast: The Wonderful World of Photography Workshops


For many, photography is a solitary endeavor. We enjoy the time alone or the one-on-one interaction with a subject, but how do we improve our skill set and network with others when we only have our “inner Ansel” from which to bounce ideas and techniques? A photography workshop is the answer for many, and there is a wide range of choices when it comes to workshops, from weekend get-togethers on specific disciplines to intensive courses to overseas adventures. Our guests represent two well-known workshops and detail the distinctions between their organizations and other available options. In between the laughs our host provides, we discuss changes in the photo industry that have affected the workshop business and factors to consider if you are thinking about attending a workshop.

Guests: Alyssa Adams and Mirjam Evers 

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Nightly editing session at EAW

The navy team prepares for its final presentation

Twelve Pulitzer Prize winners gather at the 2015 Eddie Adams Workshop

Eddie Adams at work February, 1966

Photos courtesy eddieadamsworkshop.com


Morroco, Photograph by Amelia Trevitt

Finland, Photograph by Allison Gershin

Morocco, Photograph by Bryan Busovicki

Argentina, Photograph courtesy PhotoQuest Adventure

Photos courtesy photoquestadventures.com



Host: Allan Weitz
Producer: John Harris
Engineer: Jason Tables
Executive Producers: Bryan Formhals, Mark Zuppe


I enjoyed the episode and want to learn more about the guests' organizations.  It'd be helpful if the episode summary included links to the guest's sites/media.

Also, I think previous commenter Riza means some of us want to know about strictly educational workshops, not vacation style or "shoot-out" style.  Basically, we want as close to formal education as we can get in a week or weekend since we have fulltime jobs and can't afford to quit and go to school fulltime.  It is hard to find workshop offerings for people beyond the basics of exposure, and who want more than just a trip to an exotic locale.   The Eddie Adams workshop doesn't sound like that, though it is really aimed at students.   
Thanks and I love the podcast!

I have to say. This episode was a let down. The guest host just pushed these getaway trips that are very low value in my eyes. Basically you're going to spend vacation time and money to go on a scripted vacation with a mixed group of skill levels. For someone who is only making $40k a year and already has a basic understanding of my settings that would be a huge gamble. I can't afford to take this luxury trip to *maybe* learn a few tricks. I wish the focus was more on local photography workshops and how they can measurably increase your skill as a photographer. I could care less about an "experience" or "glamping" to learn something I could have learned 10 minutes from my home.

Riza...Thank you for your comment and thanks for listening.  You make a good point and I do feel that we could have expanded the topic to workshops that are more 'local'.  We had two wonderful guests who represent very different types of workshops and we tried to open the chat to a greater variety of workshops, but sometimes conversations have a life of their own and we have to respect where they lead. I hope you have found other episodes of our show more sastisfying and agian, thanks for the feedback.