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iPhone Accessories


Even though B&H doesn’t carry the iPhone itself, we do stock a good number of accessories to help you get more out of your phone. Regardless of whether you have the latest iPhone 4, an iPhone 3G, or are still content with the original version of the phone, you may want to consider one of the following items to enhance its functionality.

Macally Portable Battery Charger

There’s nothing worse than running out of battery power on your iPhone. Even if you always carry a charger with you, it’s not always easy to locate an AC outlet. This is where the Macally Portable Battery Charger comes into play. The compact device is a rechargeable battery with a dock connector. Plug it into your depleted iPhone and it will transfer its stored energy into the iPhone’s battery. It can give you another 3.5 hours of talk time or 1.5 hours of video playback. Best of all, the charger itself features a standard mini-USB port for charging, allowing you to replenish it via your computer or the AC adapter that shipped with your iPhone.

SwipeIt Secure Credit Card Terminal

If you run a small business, it may be beneficial for you to be able to accept credit card payments from customers at any location. You could be a farmer selling produce at the local outdoor market, or even a craftsperson selling your wares at an arts and crafts expo! The SwipeIt from Macally lets you authorize transactions from anywhere that you have cellular or Wi-Fi service. Just plug it into your phone and swipe a customer’s card.

Transactions are encrypted for security. The SwipeIt can accept payments from popular cards. It can be used as a handheld unit, drawing power from your iPhone’s battery, or plugged into a wall using the included AC adapter. It is compatible with most merchant services and bank credit card processing programs. It is also compatible with the iPod touch, although you’ll need a Wi-Fi signal in order to process transactions when used with that device.

Sennheiser MM50 iP Stereo In-Ear Headset for iPhone

If you’re not satisfied with the audio quality provided by the Apple earbuds that are included with the iPhone, consider upgrading to a higher quality set of in-ear headphones. The MM50 iP from Sennheiser is a headset that features a noise-isolating design. It includes multiple sets of ear tips, allowing you to adjust the fit to best suit your ears. A built-in microphone allows you to use it to make calls, and a control button allows you to answer the phone and to play, pause and skip tracks when listening to music.

Kensington Nightstand Charging Dock

If you use your iPhone as an alarm clock, you might want to take a closer look at Kensington’s Nightstand Charging Dock. Available in black or white, the dock acts as a kickstand, situating your iPhone in a landscape orientation when charging. Kensington offers free iOS apps for dock owners: a Rise & Shine Clock and a custom Weather application, that are designed to display in this orientation. The apps also prevent the iPhone from going to sleep, although you can dim the screen if you desire, turning the iPhone into the snazziest, most expensive alarm clock you’ve ever owned.

Otter Box Defender Case

Let’s face it. You’ve spent quite a bit of money on your iPhone, and if it is damaged by a fall before you’re eligible for an upgrade under contract, you can be looking at a pretty serious repair bill. Otter Box’s Defender Case for the iPhone 4 offers three layers of protection, preventing damage from drops, scratches and dust. You won’t lose access to any of the iPhone’s functions, and a ratcheting belt clip is included.