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HTC One M9: HTC's Latest Flagship Smartphone


With the 2015 Mobile World Conference just days away, one of the most anticipated smartphones to be unveiled is HTC's One M9. While this device is still officially in the preliminary and speculation stages, it's all but a foregone conclusion that this flagship model does, indeed, exist and will soon be available to the public. It's not a stretch to say that last year's One M8 was and still is a stellar smartphone, packing a solid unibody design, front-facing boom speakers, and a less-intrusive Sense user interface. We expect this year's One M9 to raise the bar even further, offering an even more powerful processing chipset, additional Sense software enhancements, and perhaps a new camera design.

With octa-core processors becoming more and more common in flagship devices, we can't wait to see how HTC's latest device stacks up to other smartphones in benchmark tests, an area where HTC has historically excelled. Last year, HTC offered a software update to improve upon the One M8's camera, so we expect that the company paid a great deal of attention to the One M9's front and rear camera implementations, providing improved sensors and additional software enhancements. On the software side of things, while smartphone users usually have a love or hate relationship with user interface skins, the last few iterations of HTC's Sense overlay have been well received, and we hope that tradition continues when the One M9 officially enters the arena.

We hope to have the HTC One M9 in our hands shortly; in the meantime, please be sure to check back with us as additional features and specifications become available. It's been widely speculated that HTC will reveal the HTC One M9 at their March 1st event, at Mobile World Congress. 

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