Audix Microphones Sticking to Its Vision


Breaking into a crowded field is never an easy task and, in the pro audio world where so much market space is taken up by a select few manufacturers, that challenge is even more palpable. A little more than 30 years ago, Audix Microphones was started with a simple vision in mind: to create products that contribute to the advancement of pro audio technology. By sticking to this vision and creating a range of versatile microphones for studio, installed sound, and film applications, Audix has earned itself the respect of users worldwide, thanks to the build quality (with many of its mics being made in the USA) and versatility of the brand’s lineup.

In the studio, Audix mics are probably seen most around a drum kit or in front of a guitar amplifier. Their i5 Dynamic Instrument Microphone has managed to replace that other famous, ubiquitous studio workhorse mic for guitar cabinets and snare drums for many, this writer included. Capable of handling a high SPL (up to 140 dB), the i5 can handle loud sources, and its frequency response is smooth, assuring no top-end sizzle. The D6 is also commonly seen on drums, typically close-miking the kick drum. It has become a popular choice for many hard rock and metal acts, as its frequency response provides a high-mid boost that is typical of the kick drum sound in those genres. The company’s D2 mic is also a common choice for toms and miscellaneous percussion. Thanks to their attractive price, the i5 and D-series mics are used in live applications as often as in professional studios.

As is the case with many microphones that find a niche, the SCX1-HC Instrument Condenser Microphone was designed with studio applications in mind, but has found itself at home in the rigs of many ENG and film sound kits. This small diaphragm condenser’s hypercardioid polar pattern provides high off-axis rejection, endowing it with very focused pick-up abilities. When boom-mounted, it excels at capturing dialog in indoor settings.

Audix also provides a broad selection of options for installed sound applications, as well. From its ADX60 Boundary Condenser Microphone, or its selection of gooseneck microphones, including its MicroPod series of modular goosenecks, Audix provides solutions for boardrooms, video teleconferencing, and performance centers.

B&H was honored to receive an award for Outstanding Performance from Audix at the 2015 Winter NAMM show.