Ableton Updates with Push Hardware and Live 9 Software


Ableton's Live digital audio workstation software has become a very popular platform for music making, live performance and DJ'ing. Live 9 is the latest version, featuring improved MIDI editing functions, audio-to-MIDI conversion, improved effects and a redesigned browser. Live 9 has also been tailored to work seamlessly with Push, Ableton's first hardware controller. With 64 touch-sensitive pads for drum programming and melodic playing, and 9 encoder knobs for instant sound tweaking, Push offers an intuitive, hands-on way to create music with Live 9.

In this video, Rob Rives gives us a quick look at Live 9's improvements, and demonstrates how Push can be used to program drums, chords and melodies. He also demonstrates how Push can trigger clips and scenes in the Session page, and how the encoder knobs can be used for effect sends and parameter adjustments.