Amphenol Audio and B&H Sound Great Together


B&H is pleased to announce the partnership with Amphenol Audio, a company with a rich history of producing audio products for more than 50 years. Amphenol Audio, which was originally Cannon Components, invented the “industry-standard” XLR connector in 1955 and offers the broadest range of high-quality cable and panel-mount connectors in the industry, manufactured in their ISO 9001-certified facility. Working as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), which develops and produces products for other companies, Amphenol Audio is now launching its own branded products, offering high-quality connectors at competitive prices and passing the savings on to the customer. All recent new product development has focused on delivering design improvements on previously patented industry standards such as EtherCon, SpeakOn, and PowerCon, while simultaneously delivering significant price reductions from previous market price points. 

Many of Amphenol’s products are available with metal or thermo-plastic shell housings, while gold- or nickel-plated precision pin contacts ensure excellent conductivity for a lifetime of use. The over-molded boot with flex-bend relief provides cable protection and boot retention, while the ergonomic sleeve design improves grip. XLR connections are available in three-, four-, and five-contact arrangements. Amphenol also pioneered the first solder-less XLR, which allows for the building and servicing cables in the field without the need for a soldering iron. ¼" plug connectors are offered in TS and TRS with straight and right-angled housings to make connections easier, depending on the application.

Additional cable connector, chassis, and panel mounts include combo XLR/¼", 3.5mm, mini-XLR, BNC, speaker, networking, and power. Another notable product line from Amphenol includes the multi-pin (MP) series panel mount and connector featuring gold-plated contacts with or without dust caps, which accommodate 12-, 20-, and 48-channel pro-audio snakes for live sound or studio installations. 

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Yes, this type of connector (xlr) has been developped by CANNON but in the years 1940's for the needs of US army, not in 1955. They called it XLR (by exemple: XLR3-31 for 3 pins and a female config). I'm a sound engineer and I keep some of these connectors in my oldies collection.

Another tip: I guesss you know the brand "AMCRON" which was "CROWN of AMERICA" in the 50's. But do you know the well known DC300A amplifier, which was a great standard until 80's, was developped to be a radar positioning system?