Hands-On Review: Shure LensHopper VP83F and VP83

In this video, Rob Rives takes a look at Shure’s new LensHopper camera-mountable shotgun microphones. There are two models, both specifically designed to work with camcorders and DSLR cameras. The VP83 is the microphone-only model, while the VP83F features an integrated flash recorder for even better sound quality.

Both models feature a supercardioid polar pattern that focuses sound capture at the end of the barrel for a significant improvement over the poor quality, omnidirectional microphones common to DSLR cameras. 


Would be interested to hear how this compares to the Rode VideoMic Pro and Pro Stereo.

I bought it from B&H and it works well.
The review is the best I've seen.

Thank you for the "real world" review - much appreciated. While in many instances its preferable to have a modest amount of internal preemp noise to a distant shotgun mic (inverse square proximity effect), no doubt the Shure mic will have its place where the videographer prefers the live feel with lots of ambient room tone an attendant echos.

wow that outside audio sounded terrible. Definately not impressed with that price. Rodemic ftw