Komplete 7: Total Sound-Design Arsenal


Imagine you're creating a soundtrack for a film or writing a new song and you've exhausted your collection of loops and software instruments. There's an emotion you're trying to evoke and your tools just aren't cutting it. This is when the 24 instruments and effects in Native Instruments Komplete 7 save the day. In one shot you've got 90GB of sounds to create with, and it's compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.

 The tools that comprise Komplete 7 run as plug-ins within a host application (such as Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton Live) and many run as stand-alone instruments as well. There's something for everyone in Komplete 7. Whether you're looking for classic organs, acoustic pianos, drum machines, guitar effects, synthesizers or noise makers, there's no limit to the possibilties.

Among the instruments found in Komplete 7 are Reaktor 5.5, Guitar Rig, Kontakt and Absynth—four powerful software tools that used to be sold individually. If you added up all of the individual products and sample libraries you would need to purchase to even come close to the power of Komplete 7, you would be paying far more money for everything, when you could simply buy this bundle and be done with it.

There are many exciting new additions in the latest version of Komplete. One of the standouts is the new Abbey Road 60's Drums sound library. Two vintage 1960's kits were meticulously sampled in London's Abbey Road Studio Two, which is perhaps the most famous recording studio space in the world. If you've ever wished you could have Ringo lay down a beat on one of your tunes, this is how you can do it.

There are over 6GB of samples in the Abbey Road 60's Drums collection, and they can be used in the included Kontakt 4 player. The samples of the vintage drums were all recorded with the top-of-the-line equipment from the 1960's. Now you can pepper the recordings you make with your laptop and audio interface with drums recorded through a 1958 valve mixing console onto a 4-track, 1-inch Studer tape machine!

Fans of Dubstep: Read No Further. You Need This.

The latest craze in electronic music is a style that originated in the UK called Dubstep. It's characterized by sparse rhythms, chopped up vocals and dramatic builds, but without a doubt the beast behind this genre are aggressive and unforgiving bass lines. There's no better way to start tearing holes in the universe with sinister wobbly bass synths than with the new Lazerbass instrument in Reaktor 5.5.

Lazerbass is from the creators of Massive (which is also included) that takes full advantage of the new additive synthesis module in Reaktor 5.5. It's really difficult to sum up the power that can be unleashed in Komplete 7 in a blog post. Reaktor 5.5 alone comes with over 70 synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers and effects. But that's just the beginning. Reaktor allows you to go under the hood to tweak the existing instruments to your liking, and to build custom instruments and effects from scratch. Reaktor users share their custom creations, so you're free to download over 3,000 Reaktor modules from the Native Instruments Online User Library.

When you get into making music and soundtracks with computer recording software, you quickly realize the power of having numerous virtual instruments and effects to help you bring your compositions to life. I've only cherry-picked a few of the amazing tools that this bundle of software offers. I strongly recommend super-charging your musical palette with Native Instruments Komplete 7. If you have any questions or comments about audio software, we encourage you to post the in the Comments section below.