Who Knew? It’s Foggy with a Chance of Snow—and Bubbles—at B&H


Create the ideal weather and ambiance for your theatrical performance, film or television show, photo shoot or party when you purchase one of B&H’s fog or snow machines. Play around with fun effects using our bubble machines, too. Did you have any idea we sold such contraptions? Now, you can enjoy full control over the weather, for once.


Fog Machines

B&H sells fun fog machines from American DJ to suit a variety of budgets. While these devices are great for all of the purposes mentioned above, one specific application that sets them apart from the snow and bubble machines is their appropriateness for Halloween or other fright-themed décor. What better way to create an eerie atmosphere for your home, event space, stage, film or TV production set than with a shroud of fog obscuring your audience’s or guests’ view? It’s the perfect touch, making it more difficult for them to see what frights await them, thus heightening their emotional response.

At the higher end sits the Fog Storm 1700HD Fog Machine (120VAC). This baby boasts a 1700-watt power output and churns out a whopping 15,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. After a fast warm-up time of 7 minutes, the electronic heater remains hot, so there’s no warming up between fog blasts. American DJ has built a sophisticated heater system designed to prevent clogging, as well as an advanced cut-off system with a low-fluid LED indicator that ceases to pump fog when fluid falls to the minimum level. Benefit from a 25-foot (7.6 m) remote control cable for emitting fog from a distance, plus an external fog switch and a large, 1.32-gallon (5-liter) removable fluid tank. A hanging bracket enables you to operate the fogger from a rig up high, as an alternative to ground-level placement.

For about half the price, you can still get an exceptional fog maker in the Fog Storm 1200HD Fog Machine (120VAC), which boasts 1200 watts and a warm-up time that’s only a minute longer. Its fluid tank is half the size of the 1700’s, and it outputs 7,000 cubic feet of fog per minute. Other than that, it’s got all that the 1700 has, including the anti-clogging measure, the 25-foot (7.6 m) cable, and the mounting bracket. The same price point could also get you the Mister Kool Low-Lying Fog Machine, which provides a lower 400-watt and 2,500 cubic-feet-per-minute output, but includes a timer remote for spewing out fog at designated intervals. Load as much as 4 lb (1.8 kg) of ice in the chiller box.

Jumping way down in cost, you may still find all you need in the Fog Storm 700 Fog Machine (120VAC). It’s got roughly half the wattage and fog output of the 1200, with a faster warm-up time of just 5 minutes. This one, too, comes with a remote control, and you can also purchase the optional DJ F Timer FS-700. If you want to spend even less, B&H offers the Mini Fog Portable Fog Machine (120VAC). With 1,500 cubic feet of fog per minute, it’s still a great asset when you’re on a tight budget. The Mini Fog is operable via a 10' (3.05 m) remote control, and comes with the added bonus of a container of fog juice to fuel the cloudy haze you crave.

For remote capability, with a greater range of up to 150' (45.7 m), try the Wireless Remote for Fog Storm 1200/1700 or Wireless Remote for Fog Storm 700.

If you want some extra fun, consider the Tri LED Party Pak 3. This kit bundles together three of American DJ’s most popular products: The Aggressor Tri LED (110VAC), the above-mentioned Mini Fog Portable Fog Machine (120VAC), and the Mini Tri Ball Effect Light. The Aggressor fills your event space with 32 sound-activated strobe and light beams and creates a myriad of different color effects. It comes with an easily adjustable, integrated hanging yoke and enables daisy-chained power. The Mini Tri Ball is a nifty, lightweight and compact device that produces a whopping 56 dazzling strobe and light beams—activated by the sound of music—to dance through the clouds of fog for an awesome visual effect. The various colored light effects are produced by energy-efficient LEDs and are controlled via a 3-position switch.  This kit is great for parties emceed by DJs, live music performances and events at clubs and roller rinks.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, B&H also offers a similar package called the Tri LED Party Pak 4. This one comes with the same Mini Fog Portable Fog Machine (120VAC), but a different pair of LED effects lights: The Vertigo Tri LED and the Roto Balls Tri LED. Like the Mini Ball above, the Vertigo brings to the table 32 sound-activated strobe and light beams, creating an eye-catching mix of different color effects. It’s also got a hanging yoke and daisy-chain capability. The Roto Balls Tri LED gives you a few more light beams than the Mini Tri Ball, for a total of 60. Dual spinning heads rotate independently for exciting light patterns of striking beauty playing through the fog.

Care to check out more of B&H’s inventory? See our complete list of fog machines and accessories.

Snow Maker

Do you want to transform a location into a winter wonderland? It’s possible with the American DJ Snow Flurry Snow Maker. It’s a cool contraption, capable of an output of 2.03–3.04 oz (60–90 ml) of snow per minute. The timer remote gives you control over duration of output, interval between snow blasts and constant output. Intervals can be set from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, while constant output can deliver snow blasts anywhere from every second to every 10 seconds.Additionally, you can select either high or low output, depending upon whether you feel like creating a light dusting of snow, enough for kids to bring about the next incarnation of Frosty the Snowman or an all-out blizzard. Now, you get to control when and how it snows, with the Snow Flurry and its Snow Juice.

Thanks to Intelligent Pump Protection, the Snow Flurry will automatically shut off when the level of snow fluid gets too low, ensuring that the pump doesn’t run dry and sustain damage. Enjoy versatile options for use: A hanging bracket enables you to position the machine high up on a rig or down on the ground. Need just a little more convincing? Okay. There’s no warm-up time, so you can start cranking out flurries right away. How’s that sound?

Bubble Machines

If you feel your event would benefit more from the addition of bubbles to the ambiance, B&H has got you covered with a slew of bubble machines. Sure, kids love to blow the bubbles themselves, but they’ll be amazed and delighted to see a volume many times greater than they could produce on their own. The Chauvet B-550 Bubble King comes equipped with a trio of double wands for dispensing high bubble output. This is a great choice when you need bubbles for a large area, or dense coverage for a smaller area. The B-550 features a manual bubble button and an easily removable fluid tank. A bracket enables you to mount the machine on a lighting truss, T-bar or similar type of rig. Of course, you can also simply use it on the floor.

Looking to spend less? Give the American DJ Bubbletron High Powered Bubble Machine a try. This puppy coughs up hundreds of bubbles per minute with the help of a high speed, high-output fan. As an added bonus, the Bubbletron comes with a 25-foot (7.6 m) wired on / off remote for bubble dispensing at a distance. This helps to increase the mystique surrounding the source of the bubbles, especially for kids, since you can hide behind a curtain or a wall and thus remain out of sight.

If you’re hoping to save some more money but still want a high-quality piece of bubble-making magic, Chauvet makes a B-250 Bubble Machine. It’s half the price and roughly half the size of their B-550, designed to strike a balance between high bubble output and optimal portability. Your coverage area will be smaller, but for that sacrifice, you are rewarded with a bubble-blower that’s more convenient to tote when you’re on the move. Like the B-550, this device can also be hung from a rig or operated at ground level. For an even more budget-friendly option, allow B&H to present American DJ’s EZ Bubbles Bubble Machine (120VAC). It’s packed chock-full of wands, with a total of 16, enabling the production of hundreds of bubbles each minute. Hang it from a rig via the bracket or operate it on the floor—whatever suits your needs best.If you want to produce tons of fun spheres that are lighter than air, the solution is B&H’s bubble machines and fluid.

With the purchase of any of these fun products from B&H, you can spice up your stage, film or television production, photo shoot or party. Create an atmosphere or environment, or augment a mood or theme. Produce beautiful, thrilling effects to capture the attention and captivate the imagination of your audience or guests.

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