Address 3,000 with the Anchor Audio Liberty Platinum Deluxe Dual Package


Now fully equipped with Bluetooth, this deluxe bundle from Anchor Audio provides you with everything you need to address up to 3,000 people. The package consists of one LIB-8000CU2 Liberty Platinum Speaker with Built-In MP3/CD Combo Player and two Wireless Receivers; an unpowered companion speaker; two heavy-duty stands for supporting the speakers; a 100' four-pole Speakon cable for networking them; a 1/8" TRS mini cable for connecting a wired device; and two WH-6000 Handheld UHF Microphone Transmitters.


The speaker can be powered by either an AC connection or for approximately 7 hours using its integrated rechargeable battery. The combination CD/MP3 player features an SD card slot, as well as a USB port for connecting external media. The player allows your songs to repeat, as well as duck out when a microphone becomes active, and then fade back to resume playback.